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From a first cold pressing, Babassu oil is rich in antioxidant, lauric acid which strengthens the immune system. It is an exceptional product that combines its softening power with that of shea butter, it reinforces the softness and elasticity of your skin.

It's a soap"7% surgras", the surgras is what remains in pure and active oils at the heart of the soap after cold saponification (we therefore do not heat the oils to preserve the active ingredients). This preserves the integrity and balance of the hydrolipidic film, it nourishes the skin and hydrates it thanks to glycerin.


Composition :

Babassu oil - certisis certified organic olive oil - sweet almond oil - castor oil - shea butter - nettle leaf powder - palmarosa essential oil - organic eucalyptus globulus essential oil





Babassu Soap - Sweet Almond - Nettle

  • Our products are certified biological and organics.


    • Babassu oil. 
    • Olive oil.   
    • Almond oil.
    • Castor oil.   
    • Shea butter.  
    • Wild nettle leaf powder.
    • Palmarosa essential oils.
    • Eucalyptus globulus essential oil.
    • Vitamin E.
    • Sodium lactate.
    • Sodium hydroxide.
    • Water. 
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