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Caryocar brasiliense


  • Hair care for nourish and restore flexibility to hairs.
  • Forcontrol unruly, frizzy and frizzy hair, draw curls.
  • For all skin types, it soothes and calms skin prone to irritation.
  • Helps fight against the various effects caused by the sun.
  • It penetrates the skin without leaving a greasy film.

Pequi vegetable oil

Glass bottle: 100ml
  • Discover the wonders of Pequi Vegetable Oil, originally from northern Brazil, it produces a fruity scent that resembles the aroma of mango. This oil is perfect formoisturize andrepair the dry ends,control unruly hair Anddefine the loops. Versatile, it providescalming effect on skin prone to irritation, which makes it ideal for sensitive skin. In addition, it helps combat the effects of sun exposure and penetrates the skinwithout leaving any oily residue. Discover the nourishing benefits of Pequi Vegetable Oil today.

    It solidifies at a temperature below 25°, this has no impact on its beneficial properties. For your convenience (and ours :-)), we deliver it in a glass jar.

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